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K&R Super Duty Drag Race Wire Kit

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Options - Switch Panel Finish and Roll Bar Mount

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Drag Racing

Track tested and time proven design, this kit is designed specifically for off road competition drag race vehicles, door cars, dragsters, mud trucks, etc. The kit includes a Switch Panel with 8 ft cable, Power Center (fuse panel), labeled wire, a large laminated color wiring diagram, and plenty of terminals, wire ties, and heat shrink.

The K&R Super Duty Kit Supports:

  • Standard MSD(tm) Ignition as well as EFI systems
  • Electric Fuel Pump
  • Electric Water Pump
  • Engine Cooling Fan
  • Electric Shifter (Air, Electric, or Spring)
  • RPM or Timer Shifting
  • Alternator (One-Wire)
  • Starter
  • Tachometer and other gauges
  • Transbrake or Delay Box and 2-Step
  • Ignition Accessory (30A)
  • Auxiliary Output (20A)
  • Switch Panel mounted interior lights
  • Tail Light

Relays offer an efficient and reliable means of switching high currents with minimal power loss. Auto manufacturers and professional car builders recognize this and have been using relays instead of bulky switches to improve the quality and reliability of automotive electrical systems for decades. The Power Center utilizes high quality relays to distribute power to various vehicle loads. This means no more time-consuming mounting and wiring add-on relays.

The Super Duty Power Center ... Key features:

  • Power feed and outputs are connected to the Power Center through heavy duty stud terminals for simple, bullet-proof connections.
  • Dedicated relay for high current solenoid type shifters
  • Also supports cocking style "spring" shifters and pneumatic solenoid shifters
  • Status LEDs provide instant diagnosis of blown fuse or faulty output
  • Rubber mounted for long term durability and protection against severe vibration and tire shake
  • Rails along the sides allow wires to be secured to panel with cable ties for extra vibration resistance
  • Reverse battery protected.
  • Compact size: 8" x 5 1/2" x 1 3/4" (LxWxH) makes mounting easy.

The Super Duty Switch Panel includes 6 switches that control Ignition, Start, Fuel Pump, Water Pump and Fan, Interior Lights, Tail Light, and Auxiliary power. An attached 8 ft cable attaches to the Power Center. Other cable lengths are available by special order. Chose from a variety of finishes including Gun Metal, Silver, Gloss Black, Carbon Illusion, and Chrome (some at extra cost).

The Fuel Pump switch will operate only when Ignition is on. The Water Pump can be operated alone, but the Fan switch turns on both the Fan and Water Pump. The Water Pump switch is generally used for gradual engine warm-up or cool-down whereas the Fan is used for max cooling.

The Interior Switch is used to turn on only the LED lamps on the back of the Switch Panel. In the down position, the Lights Switch is used to turn on the tail light but does not turn on the Interior LED lights.

An optional Switch Panel enclosure securely mounts to 1-5/8" and 1-3/4" roll bars. Holes in the bottom allow the interior lights to shine through. Durable powder coat satin black finish with stainless steel fasteners. Switch Panels are usually mounted on the front halo bar where a top cover for the roll bar mount is not needed. For this reason the standard roll bar mount does not include a top cover but can be ordered at extra cost.

Image of 17x22 Full Color Wiring Diagram included with each Wire Kit

The large 17" x 22" wiring diagram shows all the connections required for a typical competition vehicle. It's in full color and laminated for long term protection.


The complete Super Duty Wire Kit ... what’s included:

  • Switch Panel (8 ft cable)
  • Power Center, 8 relays
  • Over 400 feet of GXL labeled and color coded wire. Cross-linked insulation is rated for 125 deg C (257 deg F), meets SAE J-1128 specification for automotive use.
  • Large 17x22, Double-Sided, Laminated, Color Wiring Diagram
  • Terminals, wire ties (8" and 4"), and heatshrink tubing

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