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Coupe-23 Long Wiring Kit


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  • Model: COUPE-23B-L



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This kit is identical to our standard Coupe 23 kit except most wire lengths have been extended to allow the Power Center to be mounted under the front seat, in the trunk, etc. The extra wire length may also be necessary when special routing is required (for example, through frame rails). See our Coupe 23 kit for more details.

Coach Controls has been building high quality wiring systems for the automotive racing industry for more than a decade and is now proud to offer this modern Universal Wiring Kit for street use. The heart of our kit is the Power Center, distributing power through fuses and relays to 23 circuits. This means more power to your system for easier starting, brighter headlights, and better working power windows.


Relays offer an efficient and reliable means of switching high currents with minimal power loss. Auto manufacturers and professional car builders recognize this and have been using relays instead of bulky switches to improve the quality and reliability of automotive electrical systems for decades. The Power Center utilizes high quality relays to distribute power to various vehicle loads. This means no more time-consuming mounting and wiring add-on relays. The heavy duty ignition and headlight switches required by other manufacturers are not necessary with this kit. Even daytime running lights are provided as a standard safety feature!

Image of Power Center included with each Wiring Kit

The Coupe Power Center ... Key features:


•  Modern, high quality, and efficient design raises the bar for after-market universal wiring systems.

•  23 fuse-protected circuits

•  18 fuses

•  Headlights can be operated as Daytime Running Lights or conventional switched headlights.

•  Use your own Ignition, Headlight, and Dimmer switches - a wide variety of switches can be used with this kit.

•  Pushbutton Start ready! No extra relays required, no complicated wiring necessary.

•  This kit supports 4 beam headlight systems (2 low beam elements (55W max), 4 high beam elements).

•  Car builders and designers!! - large heavy duty high-amperage Ignition, Headlight, and Dimmer switches are not required. Small, easy-to-mount switches can be used just as easily to control the Power Center's on-board relays for all high current circuits.

•  Dedicated 40 amp relay with thermostatic control input, compatible with all known electric radiator fans on the market, up to 30 amps continuous running current and 70 amps startup (inrush) current.

•  Alternator Exciter circuit, compatible with GM "SI" series alternators.

•  Power Feed and Loads are connected to the Power Center through heavy duty stud terminals for simple, bullet-proof connections.

•  Rated for 100 amps continuous total load, about twice what most street rods require.

•  Most cars will not require any additional relays.

•  Reverse battery protected.

•  Compact size: 7-3/4" x 5" x 2 1/2" (LxWxH) makes mounting easy.

•  Mounting base and cover are powder-coated satin black.




Circuits available through the Power Center:


•  Ignition / Coil

•  Fuel Pump / EFI System

Image of 17x22 Full Color Wiring Diagram included with each Wire Kit

•  Alternator Exciter

•  Gauges

•  Electric Choke

•  Heater Fan, High Speed

•  Heat / Air Conditioning

•  Power Point for 12v accessories

•  Low Beam headlamps (55W max)

•  High Beam headlamps

•  Power Door Locks

•  Wipers

•  Power Windows

•  Radio / Amplifier

•  Radiator Fan (up to 30 amps continuous)

•  Turn Signals

•  Brakes

•  Hazard Flashers

•  Parking Lamps

•  Starter Solenoid

•  Horn

•  Clock / Dome lights

•  Battery Power to Switches



The complete Universal Kit ... what’s included:


•  100A Power Center, 23 circuits, 18 fuses, 9 relays

•  Over 700 feet of GXL wire, labeled and color coded

•  Two 100A LMI fuses and fuse holders, one protects the Power Center, the other protects the Battery and Alternator


•  Large 17x22, Double-Sided, Laminated, Color Wiring Diagram

•  Steering Column connector kit

•  Headlamp connector kit

•  1-wire Alternator lug and boot

•  Instrument Panel Gauge connector kit

•  Wire ties, 8" and 4", and heatshrink tubing



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