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Coach-1 Wiring Kit

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Coach Controls is very proud to introduce this state-of-the-art, high quality kit offering many features not previously available in the custom automotive market. The Coach-1 is essentially a Body Control Module (BCM) that provides many modern conveniences that make any ride more enjoyable. Automatic sensor-controlled headlights, one touch power window control for 2 windows, and lane change turn signals are just a few of the many standard features. In addition, there are several optional features that allow you to customize the electrical system to meet your specific vehicle and preferences.

The Coach-1 kit is available in both a standard and long version, depending on where the Power Center is mounted. Under the dash is considered the standard location and for these applications the Standard Wire Length version should be long enough. The Long Wire Length version is recommended when the Power Center is to be mounted anywhere else in the car (under the front seat, in the trunk, etc). Longer wires may also be necessary when special routing is required for concealment (for example, through frame rails). Select the appropriate version for your application when placing your order.


Options available:


Select as many options as you like when placing your order.


This is a security feature for Coach-1 wire kits. If the vehicle is locked by keyless entry key fob and a door is opened, the security alarm will be activated. NOTE: This feature requires a Keyless Entry system connected to the Coach-1 Power Center. Typical installations are shown in our Detailed Wiring Diagrams section. A Keyless Entry system is not included but can be purchased from many other vendors.

When the alarm is activated the horn will chirp as a warning to allow the security system to be disarmed. If the alarm is not deactivated within a few seconds, the horn will sound and headlights and signal lights will flash. The alarm can be deactivated by using the unlock button on the key fob or by turning on the Ignition or Accessory key.


Our standard turn signal operation is a unique Flash, Flash, Pause, Flash, Flash, Pause sequence, and the third high-mounted brake light will flash 3 times when first activated. The Traditional Signaling option provides world-wide compliant 90 flashes/minute turn signals and hazard lights, and no flashing third brake light.


This is a special option designed for applications with European style rear signal lamps that have SEPARATE brake lights and turn signals. This option is NOT COMMON.

Simply connect all rear brake lamps to the Center Stop Lamp output of the Power Center and connect the rear turn signal lamps to the appropriate outputs labeled on the Power Center. Traditional Signaling is included with this option for European compliance.


The Coach-1 Power Center supports two power windows for driver and passenger.

This is a special option that provides compatibility with vehicles where the windows fit into a weather seal along the top, preventing the doors from opening without dropping the windows slightly for clearance.

Entering a locked vehicle with windows raised:
When the doors are unlocked by keyless entry keyfob BOTH driver and passenger windows will be dropped slightly to allow the doors to open. When both doors are closed and the Ignition switch is turned on, the windows will automatically raise into the weather seal.

Exiting the vehicle:
When the Ignition switch is turned off BOTH windows will automatically drop slightly to allow the doors to open. After exiting the vehicle, use the key fob to lock the doors and the windows will automatically raise completely into the weather seal.


This special option is similar to the Power Window Drop feature described above where the windows fit into a weather seal along the top, preventing the doors from opening without dropping the windows slightly for clearance. However, this option allows the windows to be operated independently and automatically, OEM style, and does not rely on use of the keyfob or Ignition switch.

IMPORTANT: This option requires the driver and passenger Dome Light door switches to be integrated into the door latch mechanisms so that the Dome Light switch closes as soon as the door is unlatched. The driver and passenger door switches are wired separately to the Power Center and used to trigger the Dome Light and Power Window operation.

Image of Power Center included with each Wiring Kit

The Coach-1 Power Center ... Key features:

The Power Center utilizes both high quality relays as well as solid state electronics to control and distribute power to various vehicle loads. This means no more time-consuming mounting and wiring add-on relays. The heavy duty ignition and headlight switches required by other manufacturers are not necessary with this kit.

  • Automatic sensor-controlled headlights. Headlight switch is only needed for manual control.
  • Low power Daytime Running Lights for a very unique Classic Car appearance
  • One-touch power window control, the touch of a button raises or lowers your window automatically. The Power Center supports two power windows.
  • Automatic nighttime approach lights - turns on headlights and signal lights when you unlock the doors with your key fob. (Requires remote keyless entry system, not included)
  • Automatic nighttime exit lighting turns on headlights when you turn off the Ignition Switch, also turns on signal lamps when you open a door
  • Automatic headlight turn-off delay can be adjusted (0-60 sec)
  • Lane change signaling allows you to quickly bump your turn signal for 3 automatic flashes
  • Smart third brake light control, flashes the first time you hit the brakes but not in traffic
  • Delayed accessory turn-off allows you to operate the power windows and listen to the radio after the ignition switch is turned off
  • Dimming Dome/Accent lights. These lights will also turn off automatically if you leave a door open, preventing battery discharge.
  • Front Parking lights can be disabled when headlights are on (for early model vehicles)
  • Compatible with LED or standard incandescent lamps
  • Built-In Dash Lamp dimmer control
  • Solid state turn signals and hazard lights eliminates the traditional flasher
  • 21 fuses
  • 12 board-mounted relays
  • Heavy Duty Ignition, Headlight, and Dimmer switches are not required. Stock switches or a wide variety of quality switches can be used with this kit.
  • This kit supports 4 beam headlight systems (2 low beam elements, 4 high beam elements).
  • Dedicated 30 amp Fuel Pump relay with negative (ground type) trigger compatible with EFI systems that control the fuel pump.
  • Dedicated 40 amp relay with thermostatic control input, compatible with all known electric radiator fans on the market, up to 30 amps continuous running current and 80 amps startup (inrush) current.
  • Heavy duty stud terminals for all heavy loads make solid, bullet-proof connections.
  • Rated for 100 amps continuous total load, about twice what most street rods require.
  • Most cars will not require any additional relays.
  • Reverse battery protected.
  • Compact size: 7-7/8" x 6-1/8" x 2-3/8" (LxWxH) makes mounting easy.
  • Mounting base and cover are satin black powder-coated aluminum.


Image of 17x22 Full Color Wiring Diagram included with each Wire Kit


Circuits available through the Power Center:

  • Fuel Pump (up to 20 amps continuous)
  • Ignition power to EFI/ECU/CD unit or HEI distributor
  • Gauges and Ignition Accessories
  • Heat / Air Conditioning
  • Power Point for phone charger or 12v accessories
  • Low Beam headlamps (55W max)
  • High Beam headlamps
  • Power Door Locks
  • Wipers
  • Power Windows, driver and passenger
  • Radio / Amplifier
  • Radiator Fan (up to 30 amps continuous)
  • Turn Signals
  • Brakes
  • Center High Mounted Stop Light (3rd Brake Light)
  • Hazard Flashers
  • Parking Lamps
  • Starter Solenoid
  • Horn
  • Clock / Dome lights
  • Dash lights
  • Battery Power to Switches


The complete Coach-1 Kit ... what’s included:

  • 100A Power Center with Relays and Solid State Control
  • Light Sensor cable assembly, calibrated for optimal day/night switching
  • Pre-assembled cables (2) for connecting to various switches and input signals
  • Over 700 feet of GXL wire, labeled and color coded. Cross-linked insulation is rated for 125 deg C (257 deg F), meets SAE J-1128 specification for automotive use.
  • Two 100A LMI fuses and fuse holders, one protects the Power Center, the other protects the Battery and Alternator
  • Large 17x22, Double-Sided, Laminated, Color Wiring Diagram
  • Headlamp connector kit
  • Alternator kit compatible with 1-wire alternators
  • Instrument Panel Gauge connector kit
  • Terminals, Wire ties, and heatshrink tubing

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