Engine Cooling Controller, Gas


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Gasoline Engines



Drag racers will no longer be burdened with the constant task of monitoring engine temperature and turning the water pump and cooling fan on and off. This compact, weather resistant, all solid-state unit controls both an electric water pump and fan providing fully automatic engine cooling for competition vehicles. The controller mounts and connects easily with nothing to set or adjust. Engine temperature is constantly monitored with a sensor that mounts under an unused accessory bolt in the front or rear of a cylinder head.


We provide two versions of the controller since alcohol engines typically run cooler and develop heat more slowly than gas engines. In both versions the water pump turns on sooner and turns off later than the fan to allow smooth, even engine temperature transitions.


An Override input is provided and designed especially for drag race applications. When the Override is activated, both the water pump and fan will turn on regardless of engine temperature. The water pump and fan will continue to run for 15 seconds after the Override signal is deactivated, making it ideal for bracket racing to provide maximum cooling and consistent electrical loads under race conditions.


The unit is short circuit and overload protected and features automatic detection and indication of Temperature Sensor faults as well as internal control unit over-temperature conditions. In the event that a sensor fault is detected, the water pump and fan will turn on and run continuously in fail-safe mode to prevent over-heating. A high quality 40 amp fuse and holder are provided for primary power circuit protection.





Battery Voltage

10 - 20 VDC

Fan Control Range, Gas Version

160ºF (on) - 125ºF (off)

Water Pump Load

8 - 10 amps, typical

Fan Load

10 - 20 amps, typical

Combined Total Load

35 amps, Max


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