Dual Output Fan Controller


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Dual Output Fan Controller


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Most other fan controllers require you to use a temperature sender that screws into the manifold and replaces the sender for your temperature gauge (if your manifold only has one sender port, what do you do for a temperature gauge?). Others require you to insert a temperature probe into the fins of the radiator and routing the probe leads around the shroud.


Our compact, all solid-state unit controls a radiator fan using a simple easy-to-install temperature sensor that mounts under a thermostat housing bolt. The controller is short circuit, overload, and reverse battery protected and can be mounted under the hood or inside the vehicle cabin. It also features automatic detection and indication of Temperature Sensor fault conditions. In the event that a sensor fault is detected, the Fan will turn on and run continuously in fail-safe mode to prevent engine over-heating.


The intelligence built into the controller monitors the engine temperature and provides efficient on-demand cooling. The benefit of this efficiency is prolonged life of both the Fan and Alternator.


An A/C Request input allows the Fan to run anytime the air conditioner is operated, regardless of engine temperature, cooling the A/C condensing coil in cold start conditions before the engine gets warm enough to trigger the fan.




Key features:




•  Modern, high quality, all solid state design.


•  Easy to mount Temperature Sensor mounts under thermostat housing bolt.


•  Controls a 2 speed fan or 2 separate fans, up to 30 amps continuous total load, 80 amps inrush/startup.


•  Low Speed (OUT1) typically turns on at 180 deg but can be increased. High Speed (OUT2) turns on 5-10 degrees warmer.


•  A/C request allows air conditioning to operate immediately following cold engine starts.


•  Detects temperature sensor faults and turns on fan for fail-safe operation.


•  Weather resistant design allows mounting inside or outside the vehicle cabin.


•  Reverse battery, short circuit, and overload protection.


•  10-32 Studs for solid high current connections.


•  Super Compact size measures only: 3.7" x 2.6" x 1" (LxWxH) makes mounting easy.


•  Mounting base and cover are powder-coated satin black.






What’s included:



•  Control Unit


•  Temperature Sensor with 8 ft cable


•  Hardware package with 40 amp fuse, fuse holder, nuts, terminals, heat shrink tubing