Troubleshooting Wire Kit Installation Problems




Improper grounding and poor quality connections are by far the two most common causes of all installation problems.




NOTE: If you're blowing fuses, you have a short or overload on the circuit. Poor or missing grounds DO NOT cause fuses to blow.


The chassis, engine, and body must all be connected to battery ground. The negative side of the battery and the engine block must be connected to the vehicle chassis using battery cable and at least 3/8” bolts and tooth washers. The engine and chassis must be clean bare metal, free from oil, rust, and paint where the connection is made. If the body of your vehicle is metal, it too must be grounded to the chassis using at least 8 awg wire and 1/4” bolts and tooth washers. If you have a fiberglass body, mount one or more ground studs and terminal blocks inside the cabin for convenient ground points and use at least 8 awg wire to connect all your ground points to clean steel chassis.



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