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  • Designed primarily for open cockpit cars.
  • Includes relays for Horn and Turn Signals, plus relays for Ignition and Fuel pump, Headlights, Heater / Blower Motor, Cooling Fan, and Starter Solenoid.
    • Includes Turn Signal / Hazard Flasher.
    • Select Daytime Running Lights or conventional Headlights.
    • Two beam Headlights only.
    • No power windows.
    • No wipers.
    • No power door locks.



  • Designed for coupes, sedans, and most cars.
  • Includes all the Roadster-18 relays and functions, plus additonal relays and support for ...
    • Power windows
    • Heat / AC
    • Wipers
    • Power door locks
    • 4-beam Headlight systems



  • The ULTIMATE wire kit for DRIVERS!
  • Provides many modern conveniences including ....
    • Automatic Headlights
    • One-touch power windows
    • Lane change signalling
    • 100% LED compatible for all lighting
    • Dimming dome / accent lighting
    • Programmable Headlight delay
    • and much more


All three kits are available in standard and long versions. The standard versions are designed for mounting the Power Center under the dash. The long wire kits include wires that are 5 - 10 ft longer and allow the Power Center to be located elsewhere (under the seat, in the trunk, etc.). Base kits are also available that include just the Power Center and essential heavy gauge wiring for retrofit / upgrade applications where the car has already been wired.



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