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After more than a decade in automotive racing with thousands of systems sold, Coach Controls is now bringing our wiring system experience to the street. Our unique Power Center design delivers power through relays for quicker starting, better working power windows, and brighter headlights. Relays provide an efficient and reliable means of switching high currents with minimal power loss. Auto manufacturers recognize this and have been using relays to switch heavy loads, and improve the quality and reliability of automotive electrical systems for decades.



Heavy duty Ignition, Headlight, and Dimmer switches are NOT required. The Power Center provides control of all Ignition, Accessory, Starter, Cooling Fan, HVAC, Horn, Headlights and other functions through relays activated by low current switching. This means no more time-consuming mounting and wiring add-on relays. Even daytime running lights are provided as a standard safety option.



Designed, built, and supported in the USA, Coach Controls is proud to offer a professional, modern OEM-style system in easy-to-install kit form.


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